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PXG Apparel has released its brand new 2023 spring collection full of vibrant hues of pink and green.

PXG is historically known for black tones, but the company typically picks a color or two to feature within each apparel drop. The hot pink and green are perfect colors for the spring season and heading into summer.

“The seasonal collection is made to move, highlighting and modernizing golf essentials in a bold and vibrant way. This collection offers a variety of distinct, elevated pieces that provide maximum performance for both on and off the course,” said Renee Parsons, President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel.

Athletic Men’s Athletic Fit Turbo Polo- $125. (PXG)

The Men’s Athletic Fit Turbo Polo is a staple with a pop of neon green. There is green stripe detailing on the chest and back shoulders which adds an extra flare with silicone PXG logos.

Women’s Eclipse Sleeveless Knitted Pleat Dress-$225. (PXG)

The Women’s Eclipse Sleeveless Knitted Pleat Dress is not your traditional golf dress. With hot pink accents and a pleated bottom, this is a flattering and modern take on today’s golf apparel.

Shop or learn more about PXG’s new collection here.