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ORLANDO — Props to Fanatics, the manufacturer and retailer of licensed sportswear, and Puma because they have hit it out of the park on the gear at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this year.

You might say it is fit for a King.

I’ve been lovingly wearing my long-sleeve T for the past year of Palmer depicted as if it was the cover of a Bob Marley album (and having random people stop me in the supermarket to tell me how much they like it too) and figured I don’t need anymore API gear, but they got me to whip out the credit card for this cool shirt of Mr. Palmer’s golf cart and faithful dog at the ready. If they had really been faithful to the image, they would have had about 25 clubs stuffed in the bag, which is how Mr. Palmer rode, rather than three, but who am I to quibble?

Other than the Masters merchandise shop, this is about as good as it gets. Here’s a closer look at the shirts, hats, and assorted goodies to be had at the API.

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