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We already asked Masters contestants past and present what they’d buy if they gave their caddie $20 to go to the concession stand so we know their favorites. But what one item would they not order?

We wanted to know that too, and we discovered that there is a strong divide among players on both the pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches.

Widely considered two of the most popular sandwiches sold at the toonamint, it appears just as many players wouldn’t eat them unless they came with a Green Jacket.

Other discoveries: To no surprise, Gary Player has issues with white bread, but who knew he felt this opposed to it: “I wouldn’t serve it to my dog.”

And who knew that Adam Scott doesn’t eat cheese or that Will Zalatoris wasn’t an egg guy?

We’ll try not to hold these character flaws against them. We’re more in the Tony Finau camp, who said, “They’re all pretty bomb. You can’t go wrong.”