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TravisMathew is one of the best men’s apparel brands in golf right now.

With 2023 Masters champion Jon Rahm as the face of their brand, TravisMathew is an industry leader for men’s active lifestyle apparel.

With its recent success, TravisMathew has an item on almost every list of Golfweek’s best apparel for 2023 including golf shirts, golf pants, golf shoes, golf belts and more, it’s no surprise that the company is expanding.

TravisMathew is venturing out into the women’s game, debuting a line of women’s apparel that is great for pros and weekend warriors alike.

The collection makes a case for the emergence of an “active lifestyle” category — not quite activewear and not quite athleisure — as a fun way for younger shoppers to try out the golf or tennis look without breaking the bank on serious technical wear or the less fashion-forward standbys.

This chic debut, just in time for Mother’s Day, has TravisMathew aiming to once again advance golf fashion.

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