‘The forgotten one’: Sandra Palmer celebrates 80th birthday with news that she’ll be inducted into World Golf Hall of Fame

Sandra Palmer was standing in the pro shop at Shadow Hills Golf Club in Indio, California, on Wednesday when her phone rang. Palmer, who gives lessons at the club and works as an ambassador of sorts, recognized the number and took the call outside.

“I know if you don’t win,” she said, “they never call you.”

What had she won? Well, a spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame, news that brought tears to her eyes.

When Palmer walked back into the pro shop and shared that she’d be part of the 2024 Induction Class, the head pro at Shadow Hills arranged for a toast of sparkling cider. Palmer’s phone has been lighting up ever since, and she’s just tickled about it.

“It was very very emotional for me,” she said. “To feel the excitement that people who have known me have felt.”

Golfweek caught up with Palmer on the morning of her 80th birthday to talk about this lifetime achievement: