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Tiger Woods is a different breed.

He’s won 82 times on the PGA Tour, collected 15 major championship trophies and has come back from a long list of major injuries.

And now, thanks to a recent video from TaylorMade, it’s been verified once again that he hits balls differently than anyone.

Scottie Scheffler saw Woods’ spot on the range and noticed that he wasn’t taking any divots. When he asked the GOAT about it, Scheffler looked like he was at a loss for words.

“When I’m swinging well I don’t take divots,” Woods said.

“You always been like that or do you just practice it?” Scheffler asked.

“No, when I’m flushing it, I don’t take divots,” Woods responded.

“When I’m flushing it, I don’t take divots.”

— Kyle Porter (@KylePorterCBS) May 11, 2023

When amateurs don’t take divots, we skull golf balls all over the course. When Woods does it, he wins majors.