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AUGUSTA, Ga. — The Masters badge is perhaps the most coveted item in sports.

Applications to obtain tickets can be submitted at and can be made for practice rounds and daily tournament rounds, both of which are limited and sold in advance.

Tournament or “series” badges have been sold to people on the patron list, which is full. Considered among the hottest tickets in sports, Masters Tournament badges can command hefty prices from collectors. Paper tickets from 1934-60 are rare and hard to find in good condition.

Masters badges have been made from various materials. All include the date, price and club logo. From 1934-53, cardboard stock was used. From 1954-60, linen-type paper was used. Beginning in 1961 to today, different forms of plastic have been used.

The badges shown here include series badges, one-day passes and practice round badges from 1934 to 2023, except for 1943 to 1945, when the tournament wasn’t staged due to World War II.

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