Photos: Cutest images of kids at the Masters Par 3 Contest

The annual Masters Par 3 Contest is nothing if not a collection of memorable moments for golfers and their families.

Golfers play the short course with their families, their kids decked out in the all-white caddie suits.

It’s mentioned every year that nobody has ever won the Par 3 and then gone on to win Masters Tournament in the same week. But that doesn’t take the fun out of the Wednesday tradition.

The original Par 3 course was built in 1958 when Augusta National co-founder Clifford Roberts enlisted Savannah’s George Cobb as its principal architect. Cobb’s design called for the playing of the nine holes over DeSoto Springs Pond. Three decades later, the club turned to Tom Fazio to add two holes (Nos. 8 and 9) over Ike’s Pond, and Cobb’s opening two holes transitioned to spectator seating.

Take a look at some of the best images of kids at the Par 3 Contest.