Nine (newish) golf podcasts worth your time

Golf podcasts are a dime a dozen. It seems like every one and their brother has started one and it makes it difficult to keep up with them all, or to determine what shows are worth your time.

On the drive to a variety of tournaments during March and April, I listened to my fair share and I made a discovery swiping through my library: a fair number of pods I liked are either extinct or on a lengthy hiatus. (Will Haskett, bring back The Perfect Number, please, Shane Ryan, it’s a Ryder Cup year and I’m ready for The Ryder Cup Run, and Tony Finau and Boyd Summerhays, Let’s Get It a little more often.) It seems many podcasts fade into oblivion almost as quickly as they pop up – anyone know what happened to the Rory & Carson Pod?

There are still way too many to listen to but if you’re wanting to mix it up and try something different from the mainstays – No Laying Up, Fore Play, Sub Par, Shot Gun Start seem to have emerged as the Big Four – here’s a bunch I’ve been enjoying and am rooting for to gain some traction (in no particular order).