Michelle Wie West makes first trip to Augusta National, rates most famous concession items

Michelle Wie West made her first trip to the Masters this week. On Wednesday, the major champion and well-documented foodie posted a taste-testing session on Instagram. Wie West has a second Instagram account @whatdowieeat, where she posts great finds on the road and recipes from home.

The main headline from the Masters: not a fan of the pimento cheese.

Wie West gave the famed Augusta National sandwich a five out of 10.

“This is going to be a very unpopular taste test,” she predicted.

Things started to look up, however, when she tried the egg salad sandwich. She gave that an eight out of 10.

“Not too salty,” she said. “Nothing in it. Just eggs.”

Rose Zhang, the 2023 Augusta National Women’s Amateur champion, commented on Wie West’s post, saying “egg salad ftw (for the win).”

Wie West gave the BBQ sandwich the same rating, eight out of 10, calling it “subtle.”

She washed down the first two courses with some Masters wine (10 out of 10) before moving on to the grand finale: Georgia peach ice cream sandwich.

“Peach flavor is there,” she said, “cookies are crumbly but soft in the middle: 11 out of 10. I want like 10 of these.”

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