LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman subpoenaed for documents by Nicklaus Companies regarding quote about Jack Nicklaus

Greg Norman’s comments about Jack Nicklaus has the LIV golf CEO involved in another lawsuit.

Norman was issued a subpoena by Nicklaus Companies on March 20 regarding his comments about Jack Nicklaus that appeared in a June 5, 2022, article in the Washington Post titled “The Shark Is on The Attack Again.”

In that article, Norman said Nicklaus sent him an e-mail that read: “The new tour had his blessing.” The e-mail was sent after Nicklaus attended a LIV presentation, according to Norman. The subpoena is for all documents regarding claims made in the article.

Additionally, the Nicklaus Companies, which is suing Jack Nicklaus, is seeking all records of communications between Jack Nicklaus, the Nicklaus family, or their representatives and LIV Golf, but not direct testimony.

Norman must submit all the requested documents within 20 days of the notice being served.

Jack Nicklaus was sued by the Nicklaus Companies in May 2022 for six causes, mainly alleging a breach of contract between the parties. A complaint filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York alleged, among other things, that Jack Nicklaus did not have the legal right to compete with the Companies for business.

The Nicklaus Companies was founded by Jack Nicklaus, but Nicklaus ended his employment with the Companies in June 2017.

Nicklaus said last year he turned down LIV’s offer of $100 million to be the CEO of the LIV Golf series. Nicklaus did not want to be in conflict with the PGA Tour, which he helped create. All LIV golfers have been banned from participating on the PGA Tour.

Nicklaus met with representatives of LIV Golf at the Bear’s Club in Jupiter. That meeting, Nicklaus said, was out of courtesy because he has been involved with the group in a golf course deal for more than a couple years.

Norman may have difficulties handing over documents to Nicklaus Companies that involved any discussions about LIV Golf because LIV is in antitrust litigation with the PGA Tour in U.S. District Court in San Jose. Any disclosure of documents could be prohibited by that court.

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