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In January of 2019, Callaway debuted a new alignment and aiming system called Triple Track on the ERC Soft golf balls, then Phil Mickelson won his fifth AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am a month later using a Chrome Soft X with the unique, three-lined Triple Track system. Odyssey, Callaway’s putter division, even started offering Triple Track in putters in 2020, and the alignment system remains a part of the newest generation of Chrome Soft balls.

Now Callaway is offering an updated version of Triple Track for the Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft LS balls, called 360 Triple Track.

As the name implies, the two blue lines that bracket the red line in the 360 Triple Track system wrap completely around the ball, making it easier for golfers to aim the ball on their desired target line and to see if a putt is struck with a square face. If the lines stay smooth as the putt rolls, a player knows he or she hit the putt correctly with the face square to the target line. If the lines wobble as the ball rolls, the face of the putter was either open or closed to the line when it struck the ball.

Callaway Chrome Soft 360 Triple Track balls (Callaway)

From a construction standpoint, the 360 Triple Track versions of the Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft LS are identical to the 2023 balls that come in standard white, yellow and Triple Track versions.

The Chrome Soft is a three-piece ball that has a large rubber core, a firm casing layer and a urethane cover for enhanced spin around the green, while the Chrome Soft X is a four-piece ball that has a rubber core, two mantle layers and a urethane cover. The Chrome Soft X has a higher compression than the standard Chrome Soft, so it feels firmer. It also produces more spin and a higher launch than Chrome Soft.

The Chrome Soft LS is also a four-piece ball with a dual-mantle design and urethane cover. It is the lowest-spin ball in the Chrome Soft family and produces the lowest flight off the tee for players who generate excessive driver spin.

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