Best golf rain gear 2023: Rain accessories

Having the proper rain equipment can make or break a damp round.

Don’t let the weather be a reason you didn’t play your best, check out some of the best accessories to have on hand when the skies open up.

But first, a few tips to make the most of a rainy day on the golf course:

1) Load up on towels. Whether you’re keeping your grips dry, cleaning your golf ball or drying off your cart seat, two to three towels should help you get through a soggy round.

2) Invest in rain gear. Having a set of rain pants and a weatherproof jacket is well worth the investment. Take care of yourself — you deserve it.

3) Have fun! It may sound silly, but remember…you’re not on Tour. Don’t let a downpour make you sour. Hey, you never know the tales you may be able to tell from a muddy round.

With those tips in mind and quality gear in hand, you’ll be chomping at the bit to hit the links no matter how rainy the day.